We are committed to helping small businesses in the South Plains and Permian Basin regions. From start to finish, we help businesses gain access to funding through the U.S. Small Business Administration's 504 program. 

Using the 504 program to purchase/build commercial real estate or purchase long useful life machinery and equipment is extremely advantageous for many reasons. 
Long-term, Fixed Rate Financing
504 loans have a 20-year fixed rate term for real estate and a 10-year fixed rate term for equipment with no balloon payments.

Below Market Rates
The combination of the SBA guaranty and the economies of scale from all 504 loans being funded from the same loan pool each month provide for outstanding below market fixed rates.

Low Down Payment
With financing available at up to 90% loan-to value, 504 provides the most affordable down payment in the marketplace. Most conventional loans require a 20% down payment but the SBA 504 Loan has a down payment minimum of 10%. That means you preserve working capital for the growth and success of your company.
(An extra 5% down payment is required if your business is a start - up or single use facility)

Government Guaranteed
The collateral required is normally the property being purchased. 

Ownership Options
Purchase and personally hold title to your building, put it in your company’s name, and even set up a holding company. You choose the structure that maximizes the benefits to you and your company.

The Benefits of Property Ownership
Commercial property ownership gives you another way to build equity and can help you minimize your liabilities while maximizing your tax benefits. And, with 504 you have more control over the destiny of your company.